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Community & Economic Development

Community Attributes helps clients access, contextualize, and visualize data to create impactful community and economic development strategies.

Find The Story In Your Data

Our work is grounded in data and packaged for effective communication. Whether accessing and applying location data to inform economic development strategies or creating data maps to help you communicate your vision, our solutions are evidence-based and delivered in a digestible and shareable way.

Strategic Planning

Economic Research

Land Use Planning

Community Centric

Wherever your community is

While we operate nationally, we solve problems locally. We work with you, your community, and your private- and public-sector stakeholders to deeply understand your needs, then develop strategies that meet these needs to further your local initiatives.

A powerful, Dynamic WIndow into your data story

With the CAI Live platform, we combine economic and planning expertise with technology and innovation to give you a dynamic tool that helps you visualize and inform your development strategy and communicate impact to your stakeholders.

City of tacoma equity map

CAI partnered with the City of Tacoma to build an intuitive, visual tool to maximize usage of their Equity Index in informing policy decisions, and make it easier for non-analysts in government and the community to leverage the Index to further the City’s anti-racism efforts.


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