Washington Technology Alliance

Technology drives innovation across Washington State and throughout key industries. The Tech Alliance wanted to better understand how this shift was affecting Washington’s workforce, companies, and communities. Community Attributes partnered with Tech Alliance to organize and analyze the data, and develop an engaging and interactive format to present findings to the stakeholder community. 

CAI combined workforce, economic forecasts, wage and employment data with real life stories and images to create a comprehensive picture of how Washington’s economy engages and depends on technology. CAI worked with Tech Alliance to design and present an engaging and interactive narrative report to showcase the stories, themes, and findings of the analysis. 

The picture that emerged shows a diversified economy dependent on the development of new technologies, the adaptation and application of those technologies, and the required shifts in the workforce (new degrees, retraining, etc.). The strength of this economy depends on our collective commitment to supporting those elements that make this growth possible – education, the entrepreneurial & research climate, and distribution and access to opportunities. These findings inform and shape the mission and activities of the Tech Alliance.