Washington State Department of Commerce

Economic Development Dashboard and Tools

Washington State Department of Commerce supports a series of county-based economic development organizations to engage in business retention, support, trainings, and recruitments to support regional and state economic growth. In addition, Commerce reports on statewide economic development activities and key outcomes to the legislature. 

In order to create a system to enhance tracking and reporting of activities and outcomes that also supported the practice of economic development throughout the state, the Department of Commerce hired Community Attributes, Inc.  

CAI  reviewed existing tools and practices, captured design requirements and implemented a new system, while providing change-management support for the regional economic development organizations. 

  • One-click access to key data sets to support business expansion and recruitment strategies
  • Community snapshots for site selectors and RFI responses
  • Confidential business data is protected
  • Consistent, yet flexible approach works for small and large organizations
  • Auditable, verifiable activity tracking promotes consistency in reporting
  • Enhanced data-driven storytelling tools show impact of economic development across the state
  • Integration with existing contact relationship management tools (CRM) 
  • Multiple user roles and access levels to support organizations of all sizes

Since adopting this new application and reporting framework, the Department of Commerce has streamlined the reporting process, and received over 3,000 activity reports with hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact. At a glance, Commerce staff can see where in the state the activities are happening, which types of businesses are thriving, moving to the state, and receiving support.