Tacoma Equity Map

Tacoma Equity Map

This data mapping application operationalizes the complex concepts of equity and access to opportunity in a user-friendly format

The City of Tacoma made equity a core component of its comprehensive plan, Tacoma 2025. As part of that effort, they developed a draft version of the Tacoma Equity Index, comprised of a series of indicators and metrics, and a way of aggregating the metrics into the Index, a single number that represents the relative access to opportunity for each of the block groups within the City.

CAI developed a public-facing online version of the index allow stakeholders to explore the data, understand how the interaction of factors combine to create opportunity, and advocate for policies and programs to increase equity across the City of Tacoma.

CAI has continued to support the City of Tacoma as agencies and governmental partners have adopted the Equity Index as a component in decisions, policies, and budgets.

The equity framework has been expanded to encompass Pierce County, and engage public utility companies and transit agencies.

Both the Tacoma Equity Index and Map have received media coverage from experts in community planning and spatial data analysis:

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