Washington State Fair

Economic Impact Study

Michaela Jellicoe, project manager and lead analyst, with CAI Senior Economic Analyst Madalina Calen conducted a thorough economic and social impact and reach analysis of the Washington State Fair’s three annual events and events center facilities. This study has multiple components: an analysis of the direct impacts of the Washington State Fair, events at the fairgrounds and visitor spending; an analysis of the total economic impacts of the Washington State Fair to the City of Puyallup, Pierce County and Washington state; and an assessment of the social, educational, and cultural reach of the Washington State Fair. To do this, CAI leveraged public and private vendor data sources, conducted primary and secondary research, and interviewed stakeholders.

In the end, CAI was able to tell a more complete story of the role the Washington State Fair plays in our economy, beyond the dollars and cents of the Fair’s spending and employment and their secondary impacts.